training programs

MPO Management Training


Every day in organizations we take our best people and promote them into leader or manager roles, we shake their hand and wish them good luck.   These people are then left to figure out how to manage and/or lead the most complex aspect of the business, the people.  Really smart and talented people will eventually find their way.  Our program simply expedites that process and helps point them toward success in a deliberate and intentional way that aligns with the needs of the staff.

Some of the Focus Areas Include:


On-boarding and training


Change management

Conflict resolution


Decision making

Performance management


MPO Talent Development


Growing your people and developing talent is one of the highest priorities for organizations in the current economy.  Our Talent Development program prepares leaders and managers to focus efforts and to become intentional about their activities to develop their staff. 


Using the right data and proven techniques, leaders are able to direct development efforts in ways that yield the highest probability for success.  Simultaneously you can have more realistic conversations around areas that are likely going to require exceptional efforts to realize success.  All parties are then able to identify if those efforts are worthy of the energy required.

Primary Objectives Include:


GAP analysis




Follow up

MPO Communications


Communications are a struggle in every organization and most relationships.  The challenge is every person brings their own style for communicating and receiving communication. Our bias creates a gap between intent and impact.   Using the lessons of behavioral science we help to demystify these inherent challenges.

Primary Focus Areas Include:

Individual styles

Team/Organizational styles

Lessons for improving effectiveness

Bridging the gap between intentions and the ultimate results

MPO Job Analysis


Just as people have personalities and talents, jobs have behavioral aspects and needed skills.  The closer you can get those aligned the happier your people become, the more rewarded they are by the work they do, and the more likely they are to stick around.  When done right companies increase retention, engagement, contribution, employee satisfaction, and will capitalize on discretionary effort.

Focus Areas Include:

Building job requirements and competencies

Candidate analysis