Assessments provide leaders the information they need to make smarter decisions. 


The MPO suite of assessments are based upon the most recent and relevant research in behavioral science.  In streamlining the process we can produce in one short questionnaire what would typically require the administration of multiple assessments. The results provide a positive applicant experience and allow trained analysts to quickly synthesize the data.  The knowledge gained from our assessments integrate into an overall HR/people strategy.



Our training programs allow leaders to extract insights from the information they have on their people.  

Your front line managers ARE the company to your employees.  Every day people are promoted into management roles... and receive no training on how to get the very best out of their people.  Our training prepares executives and managers to effectively lead the most complex side of the business - the people side.



Our network of consultants help their clients become very prescriptive about the actions they should take based upon the insights they have on their staffs.

Our team of consultants help clients do business with even more power, clarity and impact. When you work with smart data that helps you better understand your people, everyone thrives. We bridge the gap between the data that companies collect and the action they need to take. That includes hiring the right talent, engaging teams, and developing leaders. We leave organizations in a healthier place – it’s amazingly rewarding work.

Understanding the model

The Role of Data

Today we have access to an enormous amount of data backed by science and research around human behavior. The human being is likely the most intensely researched subject in the world. Yet few of us truly understand the data around people or what to do with it to improve our businesses. 

Data at the basic level is simply raw stats or information. It does provide value, but it is most useful when the subject is not complex or is more universally understood.  It does not need to be explained or have insights drawn out for people to put it to work for them.  Our Assessments are designed to provided reliable data on your people.

As the subject grows in complexity and value the raw data begins to lose its usefulness. We now need help to extract insights from the information.  With insights the information can help us to understand what’s happening now and what might happen in the future. We are starting to understand causal relationships. With insights we can pivot from a historical perspective to guiding future outcomes.  Our Training Programs help trained managers and leaders to understand the data and how to use it to predict outcomes.

As the subject continues to advance in complexity and value we now have to tap subject matter expertise. With expertise we can predict what will likely happen and what actions should be taken. Our Consultants help client companies become prescriptive about the actions they should take to achieve the outcomes they desire.

 There is way too much available data, research, and science around people to not be putting it to work for us.  We need to utilize what we know about the individual person in our organization so that we can do a better job as leaders. Converting insights to action is the catalyst that accelerates organizational performance.  We need to equip managers with the right information, insights, and initiatives to lead.  We need to use what we know about people so we can better understand, develop, coach, and engage our people in a way that works for all stake-holders.